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4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the boss

Who uses an email today? Perhaps, everyone!

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the boss 1

No matter how many social media apps you have on your phone, your email is still irreplaceable. An email is still the most preferred channel of communication, especially for professionals.

Even before the social media marketing took the world by a frenzy, email was ruling the roost. And it still is!

Email marketing performs better than any social media platform on any given day! Be it promotions, conversions or retentions, email works the best. Nothing can beat the power punch of a personalized email.

Emails are the most personal but less intrusive medium. And according to media reports, it is six times more effective than social media.

So, if you are still in two minds about the use of emails, here are the 4 Reasons that you are waiting to hear!

4 Reasons to TRY EMAIL MArketing

1. Emails are affordable.

When you are running a business, the financial aspects sit at the top shelf of your brain. The hunt for effective yet affordable marketing tactics is always on.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the boss 2

The traditional marketing tricks come at a high cost and low returns. Studies say that companies spend 30-60 times more on TV, print, and Internet advertising than on email marketing. Yet the impact of email stands the highest!!!

Be it print or a TV ad, both costs a bomb without even giving any distinct analytics. Like, how many people have checked the ad or how many have wanted to connect to the brand.

But Email marketing is not only the cheapest… But it also hands out real-time analytics. Its affordability and efficiency make it an unmissable option for all businesses.

2. Emails are personal

Everyone enjoys reading a personal note much more than a general broadcast. The more personal it gets, the more impact it has.

Email is the ideal platform to get personal up and close with the customer. The brands can shoot customized messages to their subscribers. Sending out relevant coupons and discount codes are great ways to pull some sales.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the boss 3

            The best part is even the customization can be handled through automation!!!           

The best ways to send customized emails are

  • Wishes on the birthday and anniversary date!!!
  • The relevant product offers or discounts as per their previous purchases.
  • Sharing the content of their interests. E.g. An Onco Company can share news updates or blogs. A Franchise Company can send out business insights etc.

3. Email drives better Conversions

E-mails are better conversation

When it comes to conversions email is the king. The personal touch, well-displayed info, and smart call-to-action nourishes leads and boosts conversions. Emails have an unbeaten record of ROI, which surpasses all platforms of social media.

Emails offer the best lead generation, sale boost, and conversion rates. OptinMonster revealed that 21 percent of marketers trust emails to deliver the highest ROI.

Also, another point to note here is that email works for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

Awareness: Introductory emails explaining the brand build awareness.

Interaction: Highlighting unique features and benefits customized for the customers to build the base for interaction.

Conversion: Sending out deals, offers and tutorials drive the customers towards conversions.

Retentions: Being in touch with the customer is the key. Even after the sale is done, emails let the brands spoil the customer with deals and offers. It allows for the sharing of exciting news and stories. It makes the customer feel like being an intricate part of the brand’s journey.

4. Email performance is Measurable

As already states, one of the best perks about email marketing is its analytics. Email marketing is measurable. It means one can actually know the reach, impact, and effect of the emails sent out. And accordingly, work on the parameters that work and enhance the things that don’t.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the boss 4

Brands can easily track the performance of an email and analyze the results. Metrics like open rates and click-through rates give tiny details that provide the ground to work on.

Email marketing analytics hand over the following deets:

E-mail marketing analytics
  • Open rate: The number of people that have opened the email. This helps in understanding how well the subject line works. If the email is getting a dump in spams. What more can be enhanced!
  • Click-through rate: It reveals the percentage of recipients who have clicked on the call-to-action. This is what displays the efficacy of the email. The click-through rate explains how well the email is drafted.
  • Delivery Rate: The percentage of emails actually delivered to subscribers. This helps in reviewing the leads list.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of total emails not delivered to the subscribers. This helps in updating the leads list. Eliminate the deleted emails and add new ones.
  • Email Sharing Rate: Yes, there are times when the recipient might forward an email with a close one. It might be an attractive deal or appealing content!
  • Unsubscribe Rate: The percentage of people who opt out of your email list. This is the most important metric to keep a check on. If the unsubscribe rate is high then probably it’s time to revamp the content strategy. Email designing. Lead list or perhaps everything!
  • Customers love it!

Reasons why Customers love to receive emails

  1. Convenience: Emails are beautiful letters delivered right at the customer’s fingertips. The customers can connect to their favorite brands from anywhere at any time. They can easily redeem a coupon or special offers right from their phone.
  2. Personalized: The little touches of customization in the emails make it customer’s favorite. Emails that are personalized and relevant receive a better response.
  3. Instant: Emails deliver instant offers and deals. Customers like the ability to get exclusive offers and last-minute deals. It allows them to make an instant decision and take immediate action.

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