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5 Easy ways to improve your social media branding for free!

“The question is no more whether to be on social media or not! It is how well we make our presence count”.

Social media is no more a mere platform to connect with old friends and discover new people! It has magnetized into a sales podium that even the giants of the industry are leveraging to amp up their numbers. Today, social media branding is one of the most extensively researched topics as it proved to be a crucial wheel in propelling business growth.

we make our presence count
how well we make our presence count

If you don’t already know, then Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, is totally winning the game of tweeting! Many emerging businesses have chartered their way using the ladder of social media. After all, it is the best platform to get discovered and recognized.

In fact, it’s not only businesses that can benefit from the reach of social media. Many individuals have cemented a solid career by displaying their talent on these platforms.

After much research and study on the success in social media, we have assembled 5 simple yet effective steps that you can learn and execute today to see the number of your followers growing organically.

1. Right social channels For powerful social media Branding

The plan is not to be present on every platform but to make the best of each! Managing multiple platforms can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if your business is in the embryonic phase and you are a one-man-army!

Select one or two platforms that resonate to the purpose of your business. For B2B business LinkedIn and Facebook works well. For B2C, Facebook and Twitter are good to start. And if your business has some eye-worthy photos, then trust Instagram to do the job!

So, take your time. Understand your audience. Brainstorm on the type of content you would be sharing. Choose your platform smartly!

2. Do you know the 80/20 Rule to improve your social media branding?

Once you have pinned your preferred channel, it is important to be present at all times. Keeping your followers feed updated with interesting and engaging content is your responsibility. But creating something new every hour is rather impossible when you have other businesses to take care of!


So, the 80/20 rule comes to your saviour. 80% of the content you share can be created by others. The catchy posts, blogs or messages that resonate with your ideals of business can be shared on your page. The rest 20% should be self-created. The 80% would increase your followers and the 20% would help you spread your words.

The idea here is to spend minimum time and get maximum impact! Ideally, you should dedicate around 20 minutes every day to curate your content. Make use of smart tools like Buffer to schedule and manage your accounts rather than posting them yourself every hour.

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3. Content does not mean only words

Whenever we say content, most people think only in terms of blogs or articles. But that’s not it! There is a vast ocean of options for creating interesting and diverse content. Content can be anything from a fun video to a podcast, to an infographic or a webinar.

Mix and blend different types of content for your page and keep checking the response of your audience. Try hosting informative webinars, share your experience, thoughts and help others grow in every way you can. Try to be as useful as you can, as interactive as possible. Reply to your comments, comment on your thoughts on other’s posts. The more you will open up, the more followers will look up to you!

4. Influence the influencers

Influencers are the best assets you can have in your list. Follow influencers with relevant and interesting content. Keep checking their posts, share some in your stories and they might give you a shout out. Retweet their tweets and you might get a few more followers.

They are also great case studies, to observe the timing of their posts, the hashtags or the tags they use and the kind of content they generate. Commenting on their posts likely means that it would be seen by many which increases your chances of being discovered!

5. Freebies and contests Fire up your social media branding game

If your product is really good then one way to get people to talk about it is through freebies and contests. There is a high probability that the user shares their photos and quotes on winning the hamper. Some may even go to the extent of giving a free review or make a video while unboxing the hamper!

That’s definitely a worthy promotion worth the freebie. Strategic and relevant contests also help in spreading the awareness of your product, it’s use and other important aspects which the public might not know!

Use these simple and effective ways to increase your reach. Since its organic growth, you have to give it some time and patience to see the result coming! Otherwise, if budget permits you then going for a social media partner or manager is also a good option. Unlike popular belief, it does not cost a bomb and if done right the return on investment is worth your penny.

To know more about social media marketing, feel free to connect with WeMediaLabs.


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