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Mastering the game of hashtags in just 8 minutes! Amazing tricks for social media success

Being in social media and not knowing the hashtag game is much like jumping into the river without knowing how to swim. The water isn’t going to give you a smooth sail!!!

That’s why we have curated everything you need to know to ace the hashtag game and win thousands of followers for free!!!

Hashtag! What’s that?


Though it’s not the question we expect, still we strongly believe that getting the concepts right is crucial!

Hashtags can be any word followed by the pound symbol. It is mainly used for tagging and searching relevant content on social media.

Hashtag! Who should use it?

Well, hashtags are beneficial for anyone who wants their content to reach a bigger audience. From top businesses around the world to the start-ups, influencers and general public hashtags are for one and all! Many top companies have successfully built their brands using the hashtag system correctly.

Did you know?

Kitkat’s hashtag #takeabreak became a massive hit! It’s simple, easy to remember and has a definite meaning that tunes to a wide populace. Many people have uploaded their content using Kitkat’s #takeabreak hashtag making it a trending hashtag!

Types of hashtags you need to use

1. Local Hashtag

Adding your location to the hashtag makes you reach out to people near you. This is particularly beneficial for local businesses. Local tagging increases views and followers from specified local areas. This might result in great conversions! Posting interesting and engaging content with local hashtags will keep your content relevant and searchable.

Examples – If it’s a media and marketing company based in Mumbai #Mumbai #Maharashtra are good to go! For eateries getting more specific might help like #Andheri #Mumbai.

Things to remember while creating your location hashtag –
  • Don’t ‘spam’ your posts with tons of common hashtags.
  • Tap your target audience and then decide on your local hashtags!
  • Check out your peers and competitor’s hashtags.
  • Analyze and Experiment with different hashtags.

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2. Brand Hashtag

Shakespeare wouldn’t have said ‘What’s there in a name?’ if he were into marketing.

Choosing a catchy brand name is very important. Especially if you want to make it trend in social media. Names like ola, uber, oyo are easy to read, remember, and re-write in hashtags.

It has been proved that businesses can increase their brand fame and brand reach by adding new posts with their brand name hash-tagged. People might imitate that hashtag to talk about the brand! Thus, making it a trend in the social circle.

Apart from using the brand name, you may opt for going with the following brand identifiers –
  1. Slogan
  2. Tagline
  3. Mission
  4. Catch Phrases
  5. Campaigns
Things to remember while creating your branding hashtag –
  • Maintain your brand hashtag consistent and unique.
  • Use it on all of your social posts.
  • Make sure that your business hashtags short and easy.
  • Keep experimenting until you see the results clicking.

3. Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are topics that a lot of people are talking about at that given point of time. It can be anything from burning issues to silly thoughts. Keep an eye on these trending hashtags and whenever you see something relevant to your industry or your interest, chip in with interesting content.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid controversial or insensitive statements as it is sure to get a bomb of backslash and troll.

Things to remember while creating your trending hashtag –

  • Be quick to use the trending hashtags as they are sure to slide down soon.
  • Use hashtag monitoring sites like hashtags.org, statigram, and trendsmap to find trending hashtags.
  • Leverage the opportunities of using niche trending hashtags to connect and develop relationships with target audience.

4. Keyword Targeting Hashtags

Every business on the internet has a different set of keywords to target. It needs special analytics and strategies to identify your niche keywords. It can be #Marketing, #Media or #Automobiles, #Tourism etc.

This hashtag is indeed intended more for conversions rather than just impressions. Adding targeting keywords in your posts will make sure that it reaches the targeted audience and offer them the value they were searching for. It has been proven that targeting a hashtag system is more visible to relevant users.

The key here is to remember not to use more than 3 main keywords in the hashtags. Spamming your posts with n number of hashtags will do more harm than good. Surveys have shown that overusing hashtags will not gain as much exposure as predicted.

5. Seasonal Hashtags

Something related to your industry might not be trending every day. Hence make use of opportunities that are general. Posting content on holidays, seasons or activities with most searched hashtags will take your page to many screens.

Tagging the spirit of festival or your upcoming events can stir a conversation and increase your engagement! Getting involved in pre and post hashtagging of events can also generate new followers to the page.

6. Lifestyle Hashtags


To hit your marketing arrow right on the dart, you need to decipher each attribute of your audience. And then arrange your content, promotions, tags according to the taste of your audience. People love to connect with brands that resonate with their lifestyles.

Common hashtags like #travelgram #workout #livethelittlethings #holdthemoments #livecolourfully  #thehappynow are a few examples.

Different Platform has different Hashtags Rules!

  1. For facebook, it is best to use 2-4 hashtags.
  2. The hashtags have to be right on point.
  3. Hashtags should be placed at the end of a post.
  4. Hashtags can also be incorporated in between a sentence.
  1. For twitter the ideal count is 2-3 hashtags
  2. Hashtags should be placed at the end of a post.
  3. Hashtags can also be incorporated in between a sentence
  1. For Instagram, you may use 5-11 hashtags per posts.
  2. Hashtags can be placed within the Pins’ descriptions
  1. For Pinterest, you may use up to 20 hashtags
  2. Hashtags can be placed at the end of the caption preferably separated by either dots or asterisks.
  3. It can also be added in the first comment to your post.

Try these simple and effective hashtag tips today and see your followers add up bit by bit, day by day! This is a slow process but it is cost-effective and easy.

For a more aggressive branding using hashtags, you may get in touch with one of our social media maniacs at WeMediaLabs!


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