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What is branding and why branding is important?

What is Branding?

What is branding and why branding is important? 1

Branding means the unique identity of a business. It is beyond the products and services. It is a perception, an idea or image in people’s minds about the product, services or activities. Branding is actually unmasking the humane thoughts, feelings, and values behind the brand. It is a way of saying who you are and who you stand for.

What is branding and why branding is important? 2

Hence branding is beyond the physical features or assets. It is about that emotional feeling which the consumer develops at every point of interaction with your company.

Branding vs Marketing

Branding is actually describing who you are. Marketing is telling people about who you are. So, unless you discover your traits, it becomes difficult to communicate. Branding helps you create the right messages for marketing that attracts your target consumer.

What is branding and why branding is important? 3

E.g. Biba is a women’s apparel brand that caters to the needs of strong, independent Indian working women. So, every advertisement, promotion, the message is designed according to their taste.

GrowFranchise is a brand catering to the franchise world. It encourages aspiring entrepreneurs for franchise investments. Hence, every little thing about this brand emits trust, loyalty, and satisfaction to the consumer.

Zuvius Lifesciences is another big brand in the world of pharmaceuticals. Their branding is done impeccably to project the real intentions of the people behind the brand. It’s not just another pharmaceutical company but the one who dreams to wipe cancer off completely. From their CSR activities to the present, everything is targeted to fight the battle.

What is branding and why branding is important? 4
Branding is actually describing who you are

Is branding important?

In today’s date, it is the most important tool of marketing. There are thousands of businesses offering the same products in the same range. So, how would the consumer pick one over another?

They make their choices solely based on the branding of the product. The vibe it emits, the message it delivers and the quality it promises. These little details compel the buyer to click the cart.

What is the importance of branding?

Nobody wants to buy an unheard name, no matter how good the product is. People are sceptical towards the unknown. But if they come across your name repeatedly, get to know your brand and align with your values, then they would be more comfortable in picking your product. This makes branding a very important tool in marketing.

What is branding and why branding is important? 5

Branding is a strategy designed to paint the identity and experience of a company. The brand gives the consumer a reason to choose its products and services, over the competitors.

Branding also makes your product unique and irreplicable. Products or services can be easily replicated but it is the brand that stays unmatchable. There are several companies selling the exact same thing in the market yet one is ahead of the other. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are quite similar, yet each has a loyal group of followers. Similarly, growfranchise and franchise direct offer the same things yet both are unique in their own way.

Emblazing your name in the clogged market and making it remarkable is what branding does. Branding is not another sales pitch. It is rather a clever strategy of making the customer crave for the product. Nobody needs an apple iPhone, but everyone desires one! That’s the power of branding.

5 reasons why branding is the most important marketing tool

Branding is not about the data sheets and market analytics. The data and analytics help to understand the consumer better. Branding is the art of wrapping a solid marketing plan with layers of emotions and creativity.

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5 Reasons why branding matters

What is branding and why branding is important? 6
  1. It makes your brand memorable.
  2. It taps the emotions of the target consumers.
  3. It motivates the buyers to splurge.
  4. It assures credibility.
  5. It creates loyalty.

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